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ECI has years of experience assisting customers with a variety of applications and custom engineering solutions to their specific requirements. Review our recent projects to gain an even greater understanding of our capabilities within various industries.

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A Leading Chemical Company - #50 Vent Header Control Valve

During an outage in late 2011, the customer removed the two Cam Flex valves and installed a single Fisher V150. They...

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Power Plant – Reheat Spray Valve Solution

The valves were cut out and turned around by the plant. IVS worked with plant personnel replacing the trim and actuator...

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Large Electric Utility Company – Slurry Valves

After providing this solution on the first Vball valve vibration was eliminated (as was cavitation) on the valve during...

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Waste Management Company – Compressor Recycle

ECI received a call from a waste management company who was having troubles with their compressor recycle valve, which...

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Chemicals Industry - Drum Level Control Valve

A chemical company in Ohio had a control valve installed without anti-cavitation trim in a drum level control application...

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Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer - WHRI Pump Recycle

In the past year the WHRI (waste heat recovery incinerator) has experienced four unplanned shutdowns due to high discharge...

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