ECI Education Facilities – Where Training is a Priority

Equipment & Controls, Inc., representing Emerson Automation Solutions, offers a full-service state-of-the-art training center in Lawrence, Pennsylvania, Solon, Ohio, and Monessen, Pennsylvania. Our team specializes in crafting education and training programs that help your employees and operations reach their full potential.

For more than 60 years, we have helped employees who focus on process control and process optimization gain knowledge and job-specific skills, enhance organizational productivity, and reduce downtime and costly service calls.

In today’s competitive, worldwide economy, it has never been more important to achieve solid returns from every facet of your manufacturing and production systems. To maintain and expand your competitive position, every piece of equipment must be leveraged to its fullest potential. Plant-wide production systems need to be fine-tuned to address current challenges, and financial resources have to be carefully monitored and deployed. However, none of these initiatives can be implemented without highly trained professionals who understand their roles in your organization.

We offer courses on field instruments, control valves, regulators, loop tuning and distributed control system (DCS) design, configuration and operator training. We also offer computer-based or video-based training packages for self-taught programs, using the latest in audio/visual equipment.

Delivering Training Where it Works Best

With over 60 years of training experience, Emerson Educational Services remain committed to providing quality training to over 20,000 individuals, when and where they need it.

Factory Training

Students attend class in our fully equipped training labs including small group, hands-on sessions and one-on-one time with instructors. Our workshops are the best investment you can make for your employees and business.

Regional Training Centers

Our worldwide regional training centers are strategically located to support your training needs.

On-site, Local Training

We develop hundreds of customized, on-site courses providing an alternative to sending employees off-site incurring expensive travel and lodging costs. We can tailor training, in your local area, to meet your specific needs.

eLearning is a convenient, flexible, excellent on-line learning tool used to help manage time, travel and budget restraints.

Maximize your investment with well-trained personnel.

Virtual Classroom

Delivering value-based instruction to your desktop via a virtual classroom with live instructor interaction and full access to DeltaV systems. Save time and travel-related expenses. Achieve your training goals by utilizing Emerson’s Virtual Classroom. 

Learn More about Emerson’s Virtual Classroom and Watch Video Demo.

PlantWeb® University

PlantWeb® can help you reduce costs and increase revenue by providing a better understanding of how today's technologies deliver exceptional benefits. PlantWeb® University also makes it easy to understand and evaluate new ways to improve project, process and plant performance.

Learn more about Emerson’s PlantWeb® University.

Emerson eStore

Browse a catalog of the latest eLearning deliverables on a variety of technical topics. Browse the eStore.

eLearning courses (both informational and skills based)

All courses are instructed using the very latest flash-based technology. Select and purchase eLearning courses here.

Increasing Your Organizational Knowledge at Minimal or No Cost

Many of the training and educational programs offered through ECI are eligible for reimbursement under your state and federal job-training programs. In many cases, the entire cost of training can be underwritten – a benefit that helps you strengthen your organization without compromising your budgets. ECI has used the Pennsylvania State reimbursement program to fund training for some of our own employees. 

Download software and add-on programs for fast and accurate control valve specifications. The downloads listed are free.