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System Integration
systems integration planning

Solutions Customized for You

Our systems integration team has the expertise to help you access and analyze data to deliver greater operational improvements and breakthroughs that lead to comprehensive business transformation. As an Emerson Impact Partner, ECI has extensive product knowledge with Emerson’s software offering.  System integration services include asset monitoring, remote monitoring, connected services and digital transformation.

OSI Soft Partner
As an OSIsoft partner, ECI provides installation, integration and support to help gain value from their PI System and cultivate data-driven business improvements. New users and those needing a review or upgrade benefit from ECI’s expertise in:
  • PI System Architecture Planning
  • PI System Installation
  • PI Interface Installation
  • PI AF Buildout
  • PI Vision Installation
  • PI System Review
  • PI System Upgrade
  • PI System Upgrade to HA

Learn about ECI's Capabilities as an OSIsoft Partner

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