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Anti-Surge Technology Anti-Surge Technology
Anti-Surge Technology Systems

As gas passes through a compressor, there are limitations on power, speed, process, and surge.

Flow instability occurs when the compressor cannot produce enough pressure head to overcome the downstream resistance. When the downstream demand decreases, flow rates can fall below the point of stable operation. Reversal of flow will occur if the downstream pressure becomes greater than the discharge compressor pressure. This fast, high energy action will be accompanied by a large breakdown of flow patterns within the compressor, as well as vibration, noise, and significant and costly damage.

Our anti-surge valves are designed to protect the compressor and provide the needed responsiveness for start-up and shutdown control.

In addition, they can quickly respond to small signal changes and provide positive position feedback control.
Avoid costly damage to critical equipment
Achieve better control of your process
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Gain faster responsiveness for start up and shut down control
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