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Process Analytical Technology Process Analytical Technology
Cutting-Edge Process Analytical Technology

Cutting-Edge Process Analytical Technology

Our Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solution helps drive new ways to design, analyze and control manufacturing processes by measuring critical raw and processed material quality and performance attributes. Becoming more efficient while reducing over-processing enhances efficiency and minimizes waste, ultimately ensuring final product quality.

Through our PAT innovations, we'll help you optimize processes, decrease release times and WIP, simplify disparate automation systems, enhance regulatory compliance, establish agile and flexible start-to-finish manufacturing facilities, reduce time to market, achieve reduce tech transfer and scaling solutions, and embrace digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and IoT adoption.

Chemical Beaker
Reduce batch variability
Stay globally competitive
Hour Glass
Decrease release times and WIP
Area Chart
Make real-time informed and responsive decisions
Time Chart Trending Upward
Increase yield with innovative technologies
Shorten time to market
Achieve operational excellence, while staying within resource, manufacturing and compliance constraints
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