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What Would It Mean to Meet</br>—or Exceed—Your Production KPIs?

What Would It Mean to Meet
—or Exceed—Your Production KPIs?

What If:
  • You could reduce downtime by 60% each year. What would you do with that extra production capacity?
  • You could extend your preventative maintenance schedule or consolidate your spare parts inventory. How much money and resources would you save?
  • You could have better access to, and more accurate data. Would that help you make more informed business decision?
Why not create a reality where investing in reliability drives faster return on assets? ECI has the tools, technologies, and expertise to know—with accuracy—where your obstacles lie, how you’re performing versus others in your industry, and the best ways to achieve your KPIs.
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Make an Impact

Make an Impact

A more reliable plant means faster time to production targets, higher utilization rates, lower operating costs, and a true competitive advantage over your peers. Efficient and effective work processes allow your team to do more with less downside, safely. Improving reliability is a clear pathway to improving overall business performance. Move toward first quartile performance with help from ECI.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Availability, Performance Rate, and Quality Rate are the underlying metrics defining your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and your actual throughput. Throughput and loss rates can be difficult to re-engineer and improve, but reliably adding more production hours every week, month, and year add up quickly to large gains in profitability.

Our Reliability Assessment Process

ECI’s Reliability Assessment is an evaluation of your maintenance and reliability program. Through interviews with key personnel, analysis of the various processes in place, and available data & tools, our experts compare your current practices against our proprietary performance data & world class standards.

Raise the Bar by Focusing on:

<span style="color:#00488e;">Data Centralization</span>
Data Centralization
Clean your CMMS data—organize, recode, and create a unified information structure for all your operations, allowing faster and better decision making.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Spare Parts/Inventory Optimization</span>
Spare Parts/Inventory Optimization

Comprehensive inventory management across your plants & processes, and accurate projection of failure rates allow you to understand where to shrink inventory and eliminate waste, while maximizing uptime.

<span style="color:#00488e;">Preventative Maintenance Optimization</span>
Preventative Maintenance Optimization
Get every dollar out of your equipment by using ECI’s proprietary data to measure and plan downtime around components real lifespan.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Criticality Mapping</span>
Criticality Mapping
Organizations often focus on high-cost items when planning for emergencies, however, frequently smaller supporting equipment is the root cause of downtime.
To find out how your plant can reduce downtime, save on maintenance costs, have better data, and improve profitability, contact ECI to schedule your Reliability Assessment today.