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AgileOps AgileOps
Ensure Safe Operations. Maintain Compliance. Enhance Operator Performance.

Manage Alarm Performance & Monitor Your Entire Control System

Research by industrial insurer Marsh & McLennan has shown operator error to be the leading cause of major incidents in the industries we serve, with each major incident costing $80M on average. Monitoring the health and performance of your alarms is critical to avoiding these incidents, keeping your plant safe, and preventing significant financial losses. Effective alarm management requires a timely response, which can be difficult for operators during alarm floods—when the alarm rate is greater than the operator can effectively manage. Implementing an alarm management solution, like AgileOps, can ensure safe operations, help you maintain compliance, and enhance operator performance.

According to research by the ASM Consortium, a group of companies and universities focused on industrial safety, implementing an alarm management system can enhance operating revenue by 3-8%.
In addition to alarm management, AgileOps can also monitor the state of your entire control system. AgileOps preserves the safety of your operations by keeping track of when your safety system veers from normal conditions as well as aids you in maintaining compliance with government rules and regulations via a central data repository. As a consistent reporting resource across all your control systems, AgileOps minimizes operator overload and provides the tools you need to easily maintain operational efficiency.

Maintain Operational Efficiency With AgileOps Software Modules

The AgileOps suite is comprised of several modules that can be mixed and matched based on your specific needs—enabling you to customize the way you manage your operations. These modules include:

  • AgileOps Performance Analytics – Monitor alarm and event metrics and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the unit, site, or enterprise with powerful dashboard capabilities and reports.
  • AgileOps Database – The database is a central repository for viewing, configuring, and managing all collected control system data, process boundaries, and alarm rationalization data.
  • AgileOps Dynamics – An operator can change the alarm configuration based on the operating state and process conditions of your facility, which eliminates alarm floods and reduces the risk of missed alarms.
  • AgileOps Alarm Shelving – Advanced alarm shelving capabilities reduce stale and nuisance alarms, automatically re-enable alarms as necessary, and minimize the number of alarms on the operator’s alarm interface.
  • AgileOps Safety Integrity – Monitor bypasses and interlocks to determine if your safety system is operating normally, operating in a degraded state, or if a safety function is active. Also includes Safety Integrity Level (SIL) monitoring.
  • AgileOps Operational Limits – Monitor key operational parameters to determine violations from normal condition and time in violation.

Operations Management for ALL Control Systems

AgileOps is compatible with many control system platforms, including Emerson DeltaV™ and Ovation™, Honeywell Experion® and TDC, Schneider Foxboro, Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Siemens PCS 7 and APACS, ABB 800xA and Advant, Dow MOD 5, TIS/OMM, ClearSCADA, and Yokogawa CENTUM VP—delivering a complete solution for an entire site regardless of the control system manufacturers. If you don’t see your system in this list, don’t worry! We can provide you with a generic connector that will allow you to use AgileOps with any brand of control system. AgileOps also features a fast and easy no/low code configuration—all you have to do is plug it in.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Key Features at a Glance</span>

Key Features at a Glance

  • Vendor Agnostic – AgileOps can be used with any control system brand, providing you with a single solution for monitoring your control systems.
  • Build on Industry Standards – AgileOps is compliant with ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 standards.
  • Local Support and Engineering – ECI has offices in PA, OH, and WV and is ready to support you with everything operations management.
  • Software Customizability – Mix and match the software modules for a customized solution designed for your facility.
  • Customizable User Capability – You can view AgileOps data as a Reporter or go in and change settings as an Analyst.


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