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FBxEdge™ FBxEdge™
Connectivity, Computing, Convenience<br/>& Cybersecurity All in One Platform

Connectivity, Computing, Convenience
& Cybersecurity All in One Platform

To ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation of manufacturing processes, operators and maintenance personnel need constant and clear visibility into what is happening—even in the most remote locations. To enable this visibility, teams need an enhanced automation platform that ensures data is provided reliably and delivered efficiently, while simultaneously minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.

FBxEdge is designed to enhance the digitization efforts of field sensors and control systems by providing appropriate data (at the maximum resolution) in a format suitable for data scientists and engineers—without added latency to your existing SCADA system.
Companies today typically:
Companies today typically:
  • Have dozens or more of different RTUs, Flow Computers and PLCs
  • Lack standardized functionality across sites
  • Need more data from their devices
  • Need more connectivity with databases or to the cloud
  • Lack support for IIoT protocols
  • Have networks that are close to capacity
  • Need to improve reliability—beyond simple threshold checking
Edge computing is about processing data closer to where it’s being generated, enabling processing at greater speeds and volumes, and leading to greater action-led results in real time. It offers some unique advantages over traditional models, where computing power is centralized at on-premise data centers.
  • Emerson Devices
  • Non-Emerson Devices
  • MQTT & Cloud Drivers
  • No-Code
  • ​Docker
  • Node-RED
  • Web-Based UI
  • ​Appliance Philosophy
  • Central Management
  • Hardened Operating System
  • ​Custom User Permissions
  • Encrypted Comms

Applications in Edge Computing

Your Data Science Team Needs More Data Than SCADA Offers
An FBxEdge Gateway can be deployed alongside your existing infrastructure—to send data to a destination suitable for data scientists or engineers. Your SCADA is ‘stretched’ in order to get that data, but it’s not enough or doesn’t have sufficient granularity.
You Need Connectivity Flexibility While Driving Business Results
An FBxEdge Gateway can be deployed alongside your existing infrastructure. With access to 200+ unique communication protocols, you can connect to a variety of PLC’s and RTU’s. Also, it includes an open source architecture, allowing users to leverage the right tools to deliver results for your business.
You Need to Visualize & Analyze Your Process Data to Help Solve Problems and Make Better Decisions
An FBxEdge Gateway allows for the use of open source visualization tools, like Grafana, to allow engineers, data scientists and production operators to analyze and make decisions based on the data collected at the edge.
You Need to Setup & Manage Edge Devices at a Large Number of Sites in Similar Applications
An FBxEdge Gateway can be purchased with FBxManager, software that allows for the bulk deployment of edge assets. This unique tool enables quick and efficient implementation of the FBxEdge, limiting engineering time for each installed device.
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