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Maintenance and Repair Service

The lifecycle of your assets and how well they contribute to your operations are tied to your maintenance program.

The overall health of your facility depends on your ability to have the repair and lifecycle support services you need, when you need them.

Preventative Maintenance Improves Performance

The systems and solutions that enable effective processes require ongoing maintenance and repair. A reactionary response to maintenance can lead to downtime, and costly reliability and safety challenges. A more strategic approach that acknowledges maintenance as a critical component of your operations offers many advantages. Preventive maintenance is more cost effective, eliminates emergencies, improves documentation and allows for continued production.

A skilled team of service technicians can take on your maintenance and repair responsibilities, regularly reviewing the health of your assets and completing any necessary diagnostic or emissions testing.
Peace of Mind
Extended Workforce and Expertise
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Reduced Downtime and Improved Operations
Improved Understanding of the Health of Your Assets
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Remote Automation Solutions Tiered Services Program

A scheduled preventative maintenance program can streamline your operations and provide assurance that your equipment is functioning properly. ECI’s experienced Remote Automation Solutions field service technicians will perform needed repairs and maintenance while evaluating the overall health of your assets. Your staff will no longer need to worry about changing instruments, transmission failure, loss of communications or power outages.

The Remote Automation Solutions Tiered Services program offers a range of services so that you can select a program that will best meet the needs of your site. From voltage checks to SCADA checks and terminal block inspections to meter calibrations, you can rely on ECI technicians to manage the products and solutions that keep your operations running.

Tiered Services

Voltage Check - RTU, Power Supply, etc.
Physical Inspection of Installed Devices and Stainless Steel Tubing and Fittings
I/O Check
Terminal Block Inspection
Firmware Updates
Documentation of Services Performed and Repair Recommendations
Enrollment in Preventative Maintenance Calendar
Tier I Services
Loop Checks
ESD Testing
Function Testing
Check Modbus and Radio Communications
Ultrasound Leak Detection
Tier I and II Services
Meter Calibrations
Replace Consumables - Filters, Electrodes, Batteries, etc.
BMS Servicing and Performance Evaluation
TEG Services

Learn more about the Remote Automation Solutions Tiered Services