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More Uptime. Less Labor.</br>Reduced Production Costs. More Uptime. Less Labor.</br>Reduced Production Costs.
Keep Your Wells Flowing Without Issue

Keep Your Wells Flowing Without Issue

Looking for an innovative low maintenance choke valve solution for your application? Cyclonic offers both in-line and angle body patterned valves, that are quick to actuate (2-3 seconds from open to close) and can be designed to fit existing equipment, requiring NO piping changes or equipment design changes. Because the valve is manufactured from a solid piece of steel, it is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear in corrosive conditions.

Diverse Applications    |    Ease of Maintenance    |    Erosion Detection

Features Include

  • Machined and resistant to erosion
  • Low profile, compact design
  • In-line & angle body configurations
  • Simple, low-torque automation
  • Available in multiple line sizes: 1”-6”
  • Max operating temperature: 650 °F
  • Max operating pressure: up to 15,000 psi
  • Side-entry port for simple maintenance
  • Tungsten-carbide discharge sleeve
  • Class VI shutoff requirements

Side-Entry Angle Pattern Control & Choke Valves

Save 80% of Your Field Operating Costs!

Gas Producer realizes $988,000 in annual savings with Cyclonic Side-Entry Flanged Choke Valve.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say:

“Our company has used Cyclonic Valves in several applications with a lot of success. We have used them at the wellhead, at our Gas Production Units (GPU) to make our final pressure cut, and on our wells that are outfitted with plungers at the end of their life. Being able to standardize on a common valve while allowing for use in a number of applications has been great for our team. The fact that the Cyclonic Valve can actuate from open to close so quickly allows for a wider range of applications on pad for us.”
“A feature that we really like about the Cyclonic Choke Valve is that it has a port to sense pressure behind the wear assembly sleeve. If we see a pressure excursion, we know that the wear assembly needs to be changed. Having this included in the valve design, allows our team to quickly identify a wear issue so that we can plan and perform maintenance on the valve while preventing irreparable damage to the valve body. We know this has prevented downtime of our wells while also avoiding replacing valve assemblies in the field. All of this keeps our wells flowing without issue.”
“Our main driver for switching over to the Cyclonic Valve was that it was simple and intuitive for field personnel. Changing trim can be completed in minutes without the use of a crane or removing an actuator to access the trim. It was a no brainer for us to make the change to Cyclonic. Our inventory requirements to maintain the valve are limited to a door seal O-Ring and replacement discs.”
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