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Penberthy Assembly Program Penberthy Assembly Program
Penberthy Assembly Technician

ECI delivers assembled, tested and ready-to-install level gauges in one week or less

We maintain local parts and inventory so that our highly trained technicians can begin your assembly immediately. Combining Emerson’s leading level solutions with local assembly improves reliability, safety and operational performance.

Local Level Gauge Assembly Delivers Time and Cost Savings

When you utilize ECI’s local Penberthy Assembly program you will benefit from significantly reduced turnaround times. The availability of local technicians moves assembly time from weeks to days. This means you have the products you need faster. With service centers strategically located throughout this region, ECI is locally available to provide the services you need.
With faster turnaround and local delivery, you will realize a cost savings. The gauges you need can be available quickly, improving your operations and eliminating the need for your team to work around cloudy or broken gauges.
As an Emerson Impact Partner, ECI’s technicians are trained to assemble gauges to factory specifications. The same high quality you expect from Emerson is available to you in this region. Your ECI team can also complete level gauge surveys by walking your site to identify needs and review existing equipment regardless of the current installed brand.
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Penberthy Level Solutions

Emerson offers various liquid level solutions, including products that meet the ASME requirements for direct or remote boiler level indication. Penberthy liquid level gauges are used in petrochemical processing, refining, pharmaceutical and other industries. Applications include compressors, water treatment, storage tanks and oil/water separators. Emerson products provide reliable and accurate fluid monitoring. Additionally, a full suite of accessories ensures dependable level indication across various environments, such as those that require insulation blankets, remote monitoring and explosion-proof illuminators.

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