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Control Valve Repair Services Control Valve Repair Services
Control Valve Repair Services

Our team is prepared and qualified to repair multiple control valve brands.

Control valve repair is critical and you need a team of experts available to address your needs quickly – for daily maintenance, scheduled outages and emergencies. Your own staff may not have the extensive product knowledge and training needed to repair and maintain these critical assets. The expertise to repair most valve brands on the market and ability to conduct not only standard repairs but also manage unique applications is incredibly valuable.

Professional Repair Services to Quickly Get Your Facility Running Efficiently.

ECI’s control valve testing and repair is managed by highly skilled technicians with extensive valve experience. Our control valve commitment is cradle to grave. From specification and installation to repair, emergency services and valve replacement, ECI can take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the valve. This level of support enables increased productivity and improved uptime. With service centers throughout this region, control valve repair is expedited, and teams are prepared to assist you as needed.
Turnaround and outage management
Wrench and Screwdriver
Custom repair
Local inventory and quick ship parts
Experience with a variety of valve brands
24/7 emergency response
Stacked Line and Column Chart
Performance optimization
Get in touch with an expert, learn more about our service capabilities or request assistance with your day-to-day or emergency service needs.
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Comprehensive Control Valve Repair Services

Repairs performed to the requirements of the Fisher Certified Standard
Repairs performed with OEM parts on a range of brands by skilled technicians
Repairs performed to meet custom specifications per plant requirements
Labor performed during plant installation, startup and operations
Coordination and management of turnarounds and outages through proven processes
Online services to gather and interpret valve diagnostics to proactively plan valve maintenance
System-wide process optimization with loop tuning and process validation
Control valve assemblies available with expedited delivery
Standard parts available in 24 hours and expedited availability of machined parts
Immediately accessible parts reduces time need to complete repairs
Repairs made at your site or one of ECI's local service centers
Certified and hands-on training classes taught by Fisher instructors
Product upgrades including wireless implementation and product migration
ValveLink or Flowscanner equipment used to determine valve health
Management of current customer stock, stocking levels and stock reordering
User software to help plan for outages and repairs
Valve repair services performed for a specific period of time
Programs that help you to maximize availability, reliability and optimization