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Why Take a Risk by Running Obsolete Equipment?

Protect Your Critical Assets and Your People With the AMS 6500 ATG

  • Is your protection system obsolete?
  • Are you having trouble getting replacement parts?
  • Is there no future product roadmap for your brand?
  • Is support too far away or just not available?
Consider the AMS 6500 ATG.

When Was the Last Time You Checked To See if
Your Protection System Was Working Properly?

Your protection system is your last line of defense against catastrophic events caused by turbomachinery failure. While your assets may seem like they’re operating properly, it’s possible that your protection system poses a risk to plant safety by failing to provide you with leading indicators. Replacing your current system with the AMS 6500 ATG will ensure that you get accurate information on the health of your critical assets, protecting your plant and your people.

<span style="color:#00488e;">Plug-And-Play Installation: It’s Just That Easy</span>
Plug-And-Play Installation: It’s Just That Easy

Designed to easily replace your current or obsolete system, the AMS 6500 ATG features a plug-and-play design that allows you to utilize existing cables, sensors, and other equipment. The 19-inch rack mount replaces most standard protection systems and requires no additional hardware—making system replacement seamless.

<span style="color:#00488e;">Here Are Some Great Reasons<br>to Switch to the AMS 6500 ATG</span>
Here Are Some Great Reasons
to Switch to the AMS 6500 ATG
  • Field proven; easily integrates with the latest IIoT tools

  • Availability of units and parts, right in your region

  • Local support from ECI, your Emerson Impact Partner

  • Same footprint, sensors, and cables—no additional hardware needed

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Single programmable Universal Measurement Card enables you to have a small spare parts inventory

  • Ability to add predictive technologies allows more insight into the health of your critical equipment

Ready To Make the Switch?
Let ECI Update Your Protection System With the AMS 6500 ATG

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