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GoVAC FLEX system for pipeline evacuation GoVAC FLEX system for pipeline evacuation
GoVAC FLEX system for pipeline evacuation

Self-Contained, Automated Controls, with No External Power Requirements

The GoVAC FLEX and GoVAC MAX systems give natural gas operators the ability to perform natural gas capture and recovery during pipeline maintenance. Onboard Dynamics' patented, portable natural gas compressor offers a safe and practical solutions that prevents methane emissions.
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ECI is proud to be the channel partner for Onboard Dynamics in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. We offer the GoVAC FLEX and GoVAC MAX systems for sale or lease.
GoVAC system for pipeline evacuation

Methane Mitigation

The GoVAC FLEX system is powered by a portion of the natural gas being evacuated. Total methane captured in terms of CO2e is greater than 99%.

No External Power

No diesel, electricity or any other fuel source required. The systems runs on the natural gas it is evacuating from the pipeline.

Portable and Mobile

Small enough to be pulled by a pickup, this self-contained, integrated system is easy to maneuver around a job site and requires no extra equipment.

Inlet/Outlet Pressures

GoVAC FLEX can draw a pipeline from 1250 psig to near 0 psig and transfer to n adjoining pipline or a tube trailer at pressures up to 3600 psig.

Hazardous Area Compliant

Can operate near pipelines without the need for external diesel generators or air compressors.

Environmental Reporting

The intuitive control system provides operators with validated environmental reports and operational metrics.

Remote Monitoring

GoVAC FLEX and GoVAC MAX are equipped with cellular telematics which allows for remote monitoring and two-way communication.
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