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Meet Your<br>Decarbonization Goals Meet Your<br>Decarbonization Goals

Say “Goodbye” To Venting or Flaring and
“Hello” To Sustainable Pipeline Maintenance Operations

  • Are you looking to reduce methane emissions during pipeline maintenance?
  • Does your pipeline evacuation system currently require an external power source?
  • Do you need third party verification for your environmental impact reports?
<span style="color:#00488e;">Look No Further Than the<br>GoVAC® FLEX & GoVAC® MAX Systems</span>

Look No Further Than the
GoVAC® FLEX & GoVAC® MAX Systems

Using a pipeline’s natural gas as its source of power, GoVAC® pipeline evacuation systems allow operators to safely draw down the pipeline to near 0 psig. The recovered gas can either be transferred into an adjoining pipeline or, when using the FLEX, compressed up to 3600 psig and directly placed into a trailer for transport or storage tank for CNG vehicle fuel. These innovative pipeline solutions can take your emissions from maintenance operations down to zero.

Major Midstream Customer Adopts Multiple GoVAC® Systems

One of ECI’s largest customers recently adopted multiple GoVAC® Systems—with great results. What was most important to them was the onboard telemetry, whereby data is pushed to the cloud for secure storage and used to generate accurate environmental impact reports. And they can view GoVAC® System activity “live”—right from their offices.

<span style="color:#00488e;">Under the Hood</span>

Under the Hood

The GoVAC® System features an integrated combustion and compressor package with an industrial V8 engine at the heart of the system. Half of the engine is used for power while the other half is used for compression—all in the same engine block.
<span style="color:#00488e;">Automation & Secure<br>Data Management</span>

Automation & Secure
Data Management

The GoVAC® System is equipped with cellular telematics which allows for 24/7 remote operations monitoring and two-way communications. It provides alerts for an additional level of safety monitoring.

All data is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed by customers anytime from anywhere.

Key Features

  • No External Power Needed - Runs on the natural gas it evacuates, eliminating the need for electricity, diesel, or any external fuel source.
  • Nimble - Small enough to be towed by a standard pickup and easily maneuvered around a job site due to its small footprint.
  • Easy To Operate - Simple, two-connection setup.
  • Safe & Compliant - Meets all classified hazardous location requirements and can operate safely next to a pipeline.
  • Automated - Includes sophisticated but simple controls and telemetry.
  • Environmental Reporting - Provides operators with accurate environmental reports and operational metrics.
Ready to make your pipeline maintenance operations easier and more sustainable? Contact us to learn more.

About GoVAC® Systems  
ECI is a Channel Partner of Onboard Dynamics, the manufacturer of the GoVAC® System. The GoVAC® System is a self-contained natural gas capture and recovery system and serves as an alternative to venting and flaring. The system is built on patented compression technology and runs on the natural gas in the pipeline. This reduces the emission profile to a minimum and removes the need for additional equipment and resources during natural gas capture and recovery projects. The system touts a small footprint and is nimble enough to be towed by a standard pickup—making it easy to fit into challenging locations around the job site.