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Meet Your Trusted Steam Advisor

May 1, 2024
Russ Wilfong, Steam Solutions Expert

Russ Wilfong, Steam Solutions Expert

Steam experts can be difficult to find. That’s why customers who need proven expertise rely on Russ Wilfong—a 17-year veteran with knowledge of the entire steam loop and extensive experience in outage management.

Russ specializes in advanced steam generation design while maintaining and optimizing these systems for safety, reliability, and efficiency. With his comprehensive knowledge of steam systems, Russ can diagnose steam issues and devise solutions that achieve his customers' specific goals.
“A reason why I’m able to truly understand what the customer needs is because I think of myself as part of the customer, first and foremost. I am on their side, and I want to use my knowledge of their steam systems to figure this out together.”
Russ trains the ECI team to continually expand their steam knowledge and provides a variety of services to his customers, including steam system audits, steam trap testing, system tuning, and more. With our expanding portfolio of products and services catered to steam applications, the future looks bright for steam customers. Read More.

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