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DeltaV SIS Implementation

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Course Overview

This 4-1/2-day course is a hands-on instructor-led learning session. The course covers complete DeltaV SIS implementation including hardware and software architecture. Students will be able to design a DeltaV SIS network and safety instrumented functions (SIFs). Additionally, students will be able to configure smart SIS instruments and their associated alerts, including partial stroke testing. Topics include DeltaV SIS Overview, DeltaV SIS SLS 1508 Hardware Architecture, DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling Hardware Architecture, DeltaV Safety Instrumented Functions, Rosemount SIS Instruments, AMS Device Manager relating to DeltaV SIS, Fisher SIS Digital Valve Controllers, SISNet Repeaters, DeltaV SIS Security, DeltaV Version Control and Local Safety Network Bridges.