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Advance Your Environmental Performance to Reach Zero Emissions

July 13, 2023
Partner with ECI,</br>Your Methane Mitigation Experts

Partner with ECI,
Your Methane Mitigation Experts

In a world focused on decarbonization, it’s critical to keep pace with industry regulations and stakeholder expectations while meeting your own organization’s goals. The emphasis on zero emissions has pushed future state initiatives to current agendas—and ECI has the tools, technologies, and knowledge to help you move the bar.
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EQT Eliminates Nearly 9,000 Natural Gas-Powered Pneumatic Devices.*

Companies, like EQT, are setting the standard for the industry as a modern, digitally enabled operator, acknowledging that electrification is key. Furthermore, with headlines and results like these, there’s every reason to partner with ECI to create a ‘transition to electric plan’ for your pneumatic devices.
Earlier this year, EQT announced the completion of a $28 million company-wide initiative to eliminate 100% of its natural gas-powered pneumatic devices from its production operations. As a result, EQT reduced its methane emissions by 70% and reduced its annual carbon footprint by 305,614 metric tons of CO2e. At EQT, natural gas-powered pneumatic devices were the source of 39% of the Company's 2021 Production segment Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. EQT is sharing its rationale and methodology for replacing or retrofitting its natural gas-powered pneumatic devices with other operators.”
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At ECI, we consider your transition to electric actuation and other low or no-bleed options to be a key step along your journey to zero emissions. Look for additional game-changing technologies from ECI in future communications.

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