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AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert
The AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert satisfies the need between two-channel portable analyzers and permanently-installed online vibration monitoring.
Before a planned outage, connect all 24 channels of the AMS 2600 to simultaneously record continuous time waveforms. Whether diagnosing a suspected load, speed, or batch dependent problem, bringing a new machine online, or verifying critical speed prior to machine acceptance from vendor, the AMS 2600 has the power to deliver quantitative answers.
AMS 2600 Machinery Health Expert


AMS 2600 Dimensions
10 mm x 407 mm x 515 mm (8.25 in x 16 in x 20.25 in)
AMS 2600 Weight
13.5 kg (29.8 lb)
Case Dimensions
350 mm x 496 mm x 623 mm (13.75 in x 19.50 in x 24.5 in)
Case Weight
10.4 kg (23.0)
Operating Temperature
0 to 48°C (32 to 118°F)
Relative Humidity


  • Portable, 24-channel machinery health monitor and analyzer help troubleshoot your entire machine or group of machines
  • Offers optional transient analysis for turbo machinery startup, coast down and production state monitoring
  • Monitor and record all channels continuously and simultaneously for hours, days or weeks, unattended
  • Integration with AMS applications saves time and facilitates multi-technology integration
  • PeakVue technology can be added for early identification of bearing wear in paper machines, rolling mills, complex gearboxes and rolling element bearing machines