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A0404B1 Infrared Tachometer
Portable, magnetically mounted, and designed for use with portable vibration analyzers such as the AMS 2140.
A0404B1 Infrared Tachometer


Light Source
Maximum Standoff Distance
≤ 0.9 m (3 ft) Target Dependent
Output Voltage
NPN Current Sinking Open Collector Transistor
Output Rating
200 mA max
Output Leakage
<1 mA (Off Position)
Frequency Range
333 Hz (20,000 cpm)
Detection Time
0.83 µs


  • Options available for both machinery protection systems and predictive monitoring systems
  • Available for tight installations, portability and magnetic mounting
  • Laser detection works up to 30' without reflective tape on both clean and dirty shafts