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DeltaV™ Neural
PDP_DeltaV Neural
DeltaV™ Neural gives you a practical way to create virtual sensors for measurements previously available only through the use of lab analysis or online analyzers.
DeltaV Neural is easy to understand and use, allowing process engineers to produce extremely accurate results even without prior knowledge of neural network theory. DeltaV Neural improves product quality by reducing variability.
DeltaV™ Neural


1 current value and 1 future value based on current inputs
Up to 20 parameters from anywhere in the system
MD Controller loading for a 1-second execution rate
Approximately 1.55% per fully populated NN function block


  • Easily creates virtual sensors using neural networks
  • Neural net executes in the DeltaV™ controller or workstation as a function block
  • Automated signal pre-processing, model training and verification
  • Expert mode allows interaction in the neural network development
  • May be used in closed loop for on-line quality control