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DeltaV™ Advanced Unit Management Software
PDP_DeltaV Advanced Unit Management Software
DeltaV™ Advanced Unit Management software provides class-based Unit, Equipment Modules, Control Modules and Unit Phases to make developing unit-relative equipment strategies simple.
IEC 61131-3 control languages can be used to graphically assemble or modify control strategies using standard drag-and-drop technology. This makes learning and using the DeltaV system easy, and it allows you to improve the process while implementing your batch process controls.


  • Integrated, multi-state, class-based phase logic
  • IEC61131-3 Control Languages
  • ISA-88 and NAMUR NE33 Standards
  • Unit-relative Software Support
  • FOUNDATION fieldbus functionality
  • Scalable software to meet any need
  • Fail-safe design