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DeltaV™ Discovery
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DeltaV™ Discovery is an automation solution for research and discovery laboratories that automates laboratory control activities and accelerates new product introduction by streamlining life sciences product lifecycles.
By integrating DeltaV Discovery as a common platform earlier, organizations enable more efficient development activity and accurate technology transfer from laboratory through production-scale operations.


  • Improves technology transfer and faster process scale up using a common DeltaV platform for research and discovery through production: Standardization on a common control platform can reduce engineering effort to migrate between development phases.
  • Reduces DeltaV footprint with workstation-based control and I/O: Lab environments can be space limited and a control system with controllers and I/O subsystems can consume valuable real estate. DeltaV Discovery reduces the control system footprint.
  • Supports ISA-88 standards for batch execution and history collection: Easily add batch process control and automatic batch historical event collection using DeltaV Batch Executive, Batch Historian, and Advanced Unit Management applications.
  • Flexible I/O supports OPC, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/ IP protocols: DeltaV Discovery supports multiple communication protocols to enable process I/O from different lab apparatus. Supported protocols include OPC-DA, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP.


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