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DeltaV™ Remote Client
PDP_DeltaV Remote Client
DeltaV™ Remote Client allows you to locate full-function operator and engineering workstations remote from the DeltaV™ control network.
Engineers can configure and troubleshoot DeltaV™ systems from their desktops with a direct LAN connection or from remote locations using any Microsoft-supported communications method. Operator Interface capabilities are also provided to personal computers or thin-client hardware located on the plant LAN or other remote locations.


  • Operate, configure, and diagnose your process from locations outside your DeltaV™ control network while still using your DeltaV and Windows security
  • View Multiple DeltaV™ Systems from a single workstation
  • Provides the flexibility to operate or configure your plant from your internal plant LAN or from hundreds of kilometers away using standard communications hardware, including satellite, microwave, VPN’s or dial-up modems
  • Uses the latest Microsoft Terminal Server technology to provide the client connection to the server