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SmartProcess™ Flame
Coen Burner, Dual DRMB flame
SmartProcess Flame is a Burner Management System (BMS) that provides functionality to ensure safe firing of multi-fuel boilers, furnaces and heaters (multiple burners, multiple fuels).
Emerson implements these systems in accordance with NFPA 85 and other codes, and also tightly integrates the BMS with the combustion controls. This improves operator interface, and provides clear indication of what is preventing light-off and what initiated a trip.
SmartProcess™ Flame


System Compatibility
SmartProcess Flame is available on DeltaV v10.3 or higher systems.


  • Elimination of equipment nuisance trips
  • Burner light-off is simplified and accomplished more quickly
  • System implementation that meets all applicable codes
  • Causes of process trips are identified more quickly and downtime is reduced
  • Solution capable of handling combination boilers such as biomass/gas or coal/oil.