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DeltaV™ Simulate
PDP_DeltaV Simulate
DeltaV™ Simulate lets you use all DeltaV software for training and development without purchasing duplicate control hardware and on-line system licenses.
This means you can use exactly the same software provided with your actual DeltaV system at a fraction of the cost. With the simulate suite you can also explore features of the DeltaV system that you have not yet purchased.
DeltaV™ Simulate


2.0 GHz dual core processor or better
Minimum: 4 GB
Minimum: 1024 X 768 with 65K colors
Operating System
Windows XP Professional for v9.3- v10.3, Windows 7 32-bit Professional for v11.3, Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit Professional for v12.3 (and virtualization)
Disk Space
20 GB free space on Drive C before installing DeltaV Simulate
A USB port is required for the DeltaV Simulate system dongle (hardware key)


  • Allows DeltaV™ configuration on a single PC or in a multi-node system
  • Provides integrated simulation of control system (BPCS) and safety system (SIS)
  • Enables development and testing of batch and continuous control applications in an off-line simulation environment
  • Supports testing of smart field devices and OPC interfaces
  • Provides an ideal environment for operator training and process simulation
  • Supports rigorous testing of control configurations and operator graphics
  • Enhances training with simulation playback
  • Supports virtualization of DeltaV™ Workstations and controller hardware