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Designed for wastewater pumping effluent and untreated sewage.
Built for commercial, municipal, and industrial wastewater applications. Designed to stand up to the toughest applications, reduce energy consumption, and allow for simple maintenance.

Grundfos SEG Range - The Great Sewage Grinder

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Grundfos SEG Range Grinder Pumps


Max flow
158 US gpm
Head max
158 ft
Liquid temperature
32 .. 104 °F
p max
87 psi


  • Cartridge shaft seal system, together with the polyurethane- sealed cable plug system, prevent liquid from penetrating into the motor
  • Compact construction with short shaft outside bearings, ensures less stress on bearings and, consequently, longer lifetime
  • Double mechanical cartridge shaft seal system provides longer operating time and less downtime—easy to replace in the field without use of special tools
  • Feet on the pump housing facilitate suction for freestanding installation
  • Unique clamp system enables quick and easy dismantling of pump and motor unit and enables 180° rotation of motor housing
  • Specially designed lifting handle ensures correct lifting regardless of installation or motor positioning
  • Built-in thermal switches in the motor windings provide protection against overheating, ensuring a long lifetime
  • Leakage detection for protection against water intrusions in case of component failure
  • Patented grinder system ensures extremely high efficiency and reliable operation with quick and easy dismantling for replacement of wear parts
  • Patented SmartTrim system enables quick and easy impeller clearance adjustment, without dismantling the pump, in order to maintain peak performance
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