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Dosing pumps with powerful variable-speed stepper motors.
SMART digital dosing pumps are the ideal solution for any kinds of complex dosing in less aggressive environments. Offering a high level of accuracy, digital dosing pumps not only reduce the chemical waste, but also the energy bill. Available in several control variants.

Industry Leading Features of the Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing Range

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Grundfos DDA, DDE, DME Digital Dosing Pumps


Model DDA
Max flow: 53 US gal/hour, Head max: 233 psi, Liquid Temperature: 14 .. 122 °F, p max 232 psi
Model DDE
Max flow: 53 US gal/hour, Head max: 145 psi, Liquid Temperature: 14 .. 122 °F, p max: 145 psi
Model DME
Max flow: 248 US gal/hour, Head max: 145 psi, p max: 145 psi


  • Dosing volumes up to 30 l/h and providing extreme dosing accuracy, several control and communication options
  • Covers flow rates up to 200 litres an hour and output pressure ratings up to 16 bar
  • Pumps can easily be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces with the click-stop mounting plate
  • Pumps have a very long service and maintenance intervals, significantly lowering pump life-cycle costs
  • Advanced monitoring and self-analysis features provide intelligent process control
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