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Numatics™ Series RW 90° Rotary Actuators
ASCO Numatics Series RW 90° Rotary Actuators
The Numatics Series RW 90-degree rotary actuators are designed with two independent piston cylinders that have crank arms attached to crankshafts.
As the piston strokes in its bore, the crankshaft rotates. Pressurizing the opposite bore reverses rotation. The rotary actuators are suitable for winemaking, analytical and diagnostic equipment, automotive, biofuels, and bottling applications.
Numatics™ Series RW 90° Rotary Actuators


Operating Environment
Corrosive, Indoor, Washdown


  • Hardcoat-anodized aluminum body is PTFE™ impregnated inside and out, making it lightweight and durable
  • Hardened, electroless nickel output shaft helps protect against corrosion and wear resistance. Oversized diameter increases strength and rigidity
  • Infinite stroke adjustments can be made in both directions of rotation
  • Sensor mounting channel machined into body accepts Numatics dovetail switches for easy access and adjustment