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Numatics™ Series SC Swing Clamps
ASCO Numatics Series SC Swing Clamps
The Numatics Series SC swing clamps combine linear and rotary motions.
A specially machined spline internal to the piston rod develops the combined motions. When the clamp is pressurized to extend, it moves linearly, removing the tooling from the clamped surface to avoid damage. After completing the linear travel, rotation occurs swinging the clamp arm away from the work-holding area. The Numatics Series SC is designed for winemaking, analytical and diagnostic equipment, automotive, biofuels, and bottling applications.
Numatics™ Series SC Swing Clamps


32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 25 mm
Operating Environment
Corrosive, Indoor, Washdown


  • Lightweight, hardcoat-anodized aluminum body is PTFE impregnated and lubricated for durability , maximizing seal life
  • Large bearing area provides maximum rod support and helps protect against side-load
  • Hardened electroless nickel-plated piston rod is corrosion resistant and has a durable, long-wearing surface