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ASCO™ Series 068 Flapper Isolation Valve (16mm & 22mm)
The ASCO Series 068 flapper isolation valve is designed for use with neutral or aggressive liquids and gases in analytical and medical systems.
Its excellent self-draining capability and easy-to-flush low-volume internal cavity make the valve ideal in applications where cross-contamination must be minimized. The valve's special flapper mechanism results in no pumping or sticking effect of the valve seat. Typical applications include hematology, chromatography, liquid sample preparation, in-vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, and surgical fluid management.
ASCO™ Series 068 Flapper Isolation Valve (16mm & 22mm)


Valve Actuation
Proportional; Solenoid
Body Material
Engineered Plastics
Aggressive Liquids/Gases
Pipe / Port Size
1/8 "; M5
Port Type
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed
From 0.5 Cv to 1.0 Cv; From 0.1 Cv to 0.5 Cv
12 DC; 24 DC; 12 to 24 DC Voltage Ranging
Operating Environment
Corrosive; Indoor
Standards / Regulations


  • Fast response time and exceptional volume control result in higher productivity and more precise measurements
  • Reduced heat transfer between control mechanism and fluid make them ideal for use with heat-sensitive reagents and biological samples
  • Hermetic separation of control mechanism prevents particulate contamination caused by friction of moving parts, assuring maximum purity of liquid samples
  • High-quality materials tested in excess of 10 million cycles
  • Large orifice sizes combined with the special flapper mechanism permit high-pressure operation (up to 116 psi)
  • Available in three mounting options and two electrical configurations to ensure system compatibility


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