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ASCO™ 262 & 263 2-Way High-Flow Solenoid Valve
The ASCO Series 262 & 263, also known as 8262 & 8263, is a line of 2-way general service and specialty service solenoid valves available in brass or stainless steel.
These rugged valves handle media such as air/inert gas, water, hot water, steam, light oil, fuel gas, fuel oil, Biodiesel fuel (B20) and cryogenic fluids. The 262 & 263 Series are suitable for commercial and industrial applications such as car wash systems, dishwashing and laundry equipment, pumps, compressors, boilers, burners, food processing and many others.
ASCO™ 262 & 263 2-Way High-Flow Solenoid Valve


Valve Actuation
Solenoid; Solenoid - Direct Acting; Solenoid - Latching
Body Material
Brass; Stainless Steel
Aggressive Liquids/Gases; Air, Inert Gas; Ammonia; Cryogenic; Fuel Oil; Biodiesel fuel (B20); Hot Water; Light Oil; Liquid Propane Gas; Natural Gas; Oxygen; Steam; Vacuum; Water
Pipe / Port Size
1/8; 1/4; 3/8
Port Type
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed; 2 way - 2/2 Normally Open
From 0.5 Cv to 1.0 Cv; From 0.1 Cv to 0.5 Cv; From .05-.1 Cv
100 to 240 AC/DC Voltage Ranging; 110 AC; 115 AC; 12 DC; 12 to 24 DC Voltage Ranging; 120 AC; 120 DC; 125 DC Battery Charging; 208 AC; 220 AC; 230 AC; 24 AC; 24 DC; 24 to 120 AC/DC Volt - 50; 60
Operating Environment
Corrosive; Hazardous; Indoor; Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
Class I Div 1; Class I Div 2; Class II Div 1; Class II Div 2; CSA; Type 1; Type 2; Type 3; Type 3R; Type 3S; Type 4; Type 4X; Type 6; Type 6P; Type 7; Type 9; UL


  • Resilient materials provide long service life and low internal leakage
  • Welded core tube provides higher pressure ratings
  • Wide range of elastomers for specialty service applications: Biodiesel Fuel Oil (B20), Fuel Oil, Gas, Liquid Nitrogen
  • Wide range of pressure ratings, sizes, and resilient materials provides long service life and low internal leakage
  • Reliable and proven in use design with high flow and pressure ratings
  • Lead-free versions available for Safe Drinking Water Act compliance
  • Low-temperature models control cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen (-320° F/-194° C), liquid argon (-303° F/-184° C), and liquid oxygen (-297° F/-181° C)
  • Mountable in any position
  • Tapped mounting holes in body standard
  • Wide range of standard AC and DC voltages
  • A full range of globally approved explosion-proof enclosures are available with this series
  • Small poppet valves allow tight shutoff