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FlowCheck Hydrocarbon Gas and Liquid Calculation Software
Reducing complexity and ensuring accuracy are critical to optimizing flow measurement operations.
FlowCheck software uses industry-standard equations to calculate and verify the flow of hydrocarbon gases or liquids through meters and pipe provers. This advanced software allows easy verification of the electronic flow measurement (EFM) configuration across an entire system, minimizing the financial and litigation risk of disputed measurement.
FlowCheck Hydrocarbon Gas and Liquid Calculation Software


Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit OS)
Supports Single User Only
For Sizing Of
Liquid Ultrasonic, Gas Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis, Positive Displacement, and Differential Pressure Meters


  • Accommodate different flow meter configurations and operating conditions with liquid or gas properties
  • Facilitate commissioning of and verification of new meter systems
  • Estimate fuel gas consumption for engine line heaters and treaters
  • Perform unit conversions and predict fuel gas emissions and air/fuel ratios
  • Prevent costly mistakes by archiving critical information that can be used for dispute resolution
  • Improve traceability by validating measurement accuracy following industry standards
  • Standardize maintenance practices by ensuring correct configuration of flow devices throughout the metering system
  • Improve measurement knowledge with the ability to test different meter configurations and process conditions