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Fisher™ C1 Pneumatic Controller and Transmitter
Fisher C1 Controller
Fisher C1 controllers and transmitters continue the tradition of durable and dependable Fisher pressure instrumentation, while addressing air/gas consumption concerns.
The C1 is used wherever durable and dependable pressure instrumentation is required.
Fisher™ C1 Pneumatic Controller and Transmitter


Area Classification
On/Off, Modulating Control
Input Signal
Max Outlet Pressure
40 psig
Mounting Type
Remote Mount, Actuator Mount
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Position Control
On/Off, Modulating Control
Process Control
Supply Media
Air, Natural Gas
Other Configurations
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  • A Bourdon tube is available for high pressures or bellows for vacuum and low pressures. Either kind of sensing element can be installed in the case with the controller or transmitter. Two interchangeable ranges of output bellows and gauges also are avail
  • The C1 pneumatic controller is an energy efficient choice, helping to improve profits and uptime. Steady-state consumption rate is less than the 6 scfh requirement set for the oil and gas industry by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Materials are available for applications handling sour process fluids. These constructions comply with the metallurgical requirements of NACE MR0175 / ISO15156 and NACE MR0103.
  • Install the case on a panel, wall, pipestand, or directly on the control valve actuator.
  • A spring-out cleaning wire provides for in-service cleaning of the relay orifice.
  • The C1 controller can be configured to provide various modes of control.