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Fisher™ 67C Series High-Pressure Regulators - LP-Gas
Fisher 67C Series is a high-pressure regulator that meets a variety of applications in liquid or vapor service.
The compact body design makes the 67C Series ideal for installations with space limitations. The basic 67C Series regulator comes equipped with a wrench, hand wheel adjustment, dial adjustment with calibrated scale, or non-adjustable tamper-resistant spring case: 67CW, 67CH, 67CD, or 67CN.

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Fisher™ 67C Series High-Pressure Regulators - LP-Gas


Body Size and End Connection Style
1/4-inch FNPT
Gauge Outlet
1/4-inch NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure (Body Rating)
250 psig / 17,2 bar
Maximum Emergency Outlet Pressure
50 psig / 3,4 bar over outlet pressure
Pressure Registration
Temperature Capabilities
-20° to 180°F / -29° to 82°C
Approximate Weight
Type 67CW: 0.7 Pound / 0,32 kg
Type 67CH: 1 Pound / 0,45 kg
Type 67CD: 0.8 Pound / 0,36 kg
Type 67CN: 1.1 Pound / 0,50 kg


  • Compact
  • High Stability
  • UL Listed
  • Durable Powder Paint Coating