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Fisher™ 61 Series Pilots
Fisher 61 Series pilots are used with Types 1098-EGR and EZL regulators, and their counterparts are used with 99 Series regulators and are available in a variety of styles – low pressure (L), low pressure and wide proportional band (LE), low pressure and narrow proportional band (LD), high pressure (H), and extra-high pressure (HP).
Pilot-operated regulators use inlet pressure as the operating medium, which is reduced through pilot operation to load the actuator diaphragm.
Fisher™ 61 Series Pilots


Available Constructions
Type 61L: Low-Press PilotType 61LD: Low-Press Pilot w/Narrowing Proportional BandType 61LE: Low-Press Pilot w/Broadened Proportional BandType 61H: High-Press PilotType 61HP: Extra High-Press Pilot
Maximum Inlet Pressure
Types 61L, 61LE, and 61H: 300 psig / 20,7 bar
Type 61LD: 160 psig / 11,0 bar
Type 61HP: 600 psig / 41,4 bar
Outlet Pressure Registration
0 to 300 psig / 0 to 20,7 bar
Maximum Spring Case Pressure for Pressure Loading
Types 61L, 61LD, and 61LE: 25 psig / 1,7 bar
Type 61H: 72 psig / 5,0 bar
Type 61HP: 100 psig / 6,9 bar
Material Temperature Capabilities
Standard Elastomers: -20° -150°F / -29°-66°C
High-Temp Elastomers: 0°-300°F/-18°-149°C, except 0°-200°F/-18° to 93°C for water service
Pressure Connection
1/4 NPT
Approximate Weight
2 pounds / 1 kg


  • Standard and High-Temperature Materials Available
  • Wide Range of Available Constructions
  • Highly Configurable for a Variety of Applications
  • Includes Type P594-1 Filter