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Our New Operations Center is Open

November 14, 2023
In Relentless Pursuit of Successful Customer Outcomes

In Relentless Pursuit of Successful Customer Outcomes

Our new Operations Center in Lawrence, PA, was designed with a ‘One Campus Approach’, enabling you to visit our headquarters for an education event or a meeting with your sales team, and then either walk or be driven by golf cart across our parking lot to our operations center where you can see your skid being fabricated, check on a control panel that is in production, see a demo of our robotic welder, or check on the status of a control valve repair.

This recently renovated 108,000 square foot facility showcases
the capabilities you’ve come to expect from a whole lot more.
  • Flexible work areas designed for productive, efficient workflows—and growth (ours AND yours)
  • Increased lifting capabilities for larger projects
  • Optimized warehouse storage with increased inventory capacity
  • Advanced technologies, including our robotic welder and CNC machine designed to produce a perfect control panel in the safest possible manner
  • FAT testing capabilities in-person or virtually

We are proud to be designated as an Emerson Premier Service Provider for control valves, isolation valves, actuation products and pressure management devices.  We have also earned the UV and VR Stamps for safety relief valve repair and assembly.

Contact your Account Manager to schedule a tour