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Tank University

October 13, 2023
ECI and Emerson will host a free Tank University Seminar featuring an introduction to storage tank safety solutions, including tank blanketing, pressure relief and emergency valves, and flame arrestors. Participants will learn about considerations for storing liquids in tanks, sizing and selection, and potential incidents and preventative measures.
Tank University is Thursday, November 30, 9 am – 3 pm, at the Lofts Conference Center, 1000 Noble Energy Drive, Suite 100, Canonsburg, PA 15317.
Tank University presenters include Emerson’s Mark Martillaro, Mo Fazl and Dennis Hill. Products will be available for hands-on demonstrations. Learn more about this seminar. 
The seminar will be followed by an optional tour of ECI’s Operations Center at 1005 Park Drive, Lawrence, PA 15055.
Online registration is required for this seminar and the optional tour.
Tank University Seminar
Registration is closed.
Thank you to everyone who attended the event!