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Virgo Triple Offset Valve
The design of the Virgo TOV provides a non-rubbing, open/close operation.
Unlike conventional butterfly and gate valves, whose seats are chafed with every stroke, the Virgo TOV uses a triple offset design to prevent seat wear. This means superior performance, lower maintenance, and a longer life for your valves. The versatility of the design allows for use in large variety of applications and within a broad range of operating temperatures.
Virgo Triple Offset Valve


Valve Size
NPS 3, NPS 4, NPS 6, NPS 8, NPS 10, NPS 12, NPS 14, NPS 16, NPS 18, NPS 20, NPS 24, NPS 30, NPS 36, NPS 40, NPS 42, NPS 44, NPS 48, NPS 52, NPS 56
Pressure Class
150#, 300#, 600#
Body Styles
Double Flanged (Short Pattern), Double Flanged (Long Pattern), Lug / Wafer
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel
Design and Manufacturing Standards
API 609 (Category B), ASME B16.34, BS EN 593
Face-to-Face / End-to-End Standards
API 609, ASME B16.10, ISO 5752 Series 13, ISO 5752 Series 14
End Connection Standards
ASME B 16.5 for flanged end up to 24 / ASME B16.47 for larger size Series A and B
Pressure Test Standards
API 598, ANSI / FCI 70-2
Fire Safety Test Standards
API 607, API 6FA, ISO 10497-5
Product Compliance
ISO 9001, API 609, PED 2014/68/EU, EAC (Russia),ATEX and OSHAS 18001
Safety Reliability
SIL3 Capable
Fugitive Emissions
ISO 15848
MR 01-75
Valve operator options
Bare stem, Gear, Hand lever, Pneumatic actuator, Hydraulic actuator, Gas actuator, Gas-over-oil actuator, Motor-operated actuator, Hydraulic/electro actuator, hydraulic-operated actuator
Shutoff Class
API 598 (Zero Leakage), Class VI (FCI 70-2)


  • METAL-TO-METAL ’ZERO’ LEAKAGE - Laminated resilient seal ring flexes to give uniform wedging effect and API 598 leakage requirements. Resiliency of seal ring allows for the valve body and disc to expand or contract relative to each other withou
  • LOW EMISSION SHAFT SEAL - Adjustable shaft packing with multiple graphite rings located between two anti-extrusion rings control fugitive emission and give longer packing life. Gland packing with live loading is available as an option.
  • EXTERNALLY RETAINED BLOW-OUT PROOF DESIGN - Engineered gland design gives shaft blow-out proof protection externally, conforming to the requirements of API 609, (Category B).
  • EXTERNAL INDICATOR FOR DISC POSITION - Disc position is indicated by dimple on shaft. When the dimple is in-line with flow axis, disc is open.
  • BEARING PROTECTION - Graphite ring in bearing ensures protection against ingress of line media in to the bearing surface and thus avoids jamming of shaft
  • ONE-PIECE SHAFT - One-piece shaft is guided by long bearings, which are placed nearer to disc for close support. Bearings are super finished and nitrided for trouble free life. Within the pressure boundary area, the shaft design provides added strength.
  • STANDARD MOUNTING - Bracket top side drilling and shaft connection as per ISO 5211